Instagram Model Rebecca Burger Dies In A Freak Accident With A Whipped Cream Canister

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A popular social media fitness personality died after what can only be described as a freak accident involving a whipped cream canister.

According to CNN Rebecca Burger was a French fitness blogger and competitor with more than 150,000 Instagram followers. According to a cautionary Instagram post written by her family, a pressurized whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting the 33-year-old in the thorax and sending her into cardiac arrest Sunday.

Regional newspaper L’Alsace reported Burger’s heart stopped during the accident and she was temporarily revived by paramedics, but later died at a hospital.

Though it sounds incomprehensible, and the specific cause of Burger’s death hasn’t been confirmed, serious injury due to whipped cream dispensers is not unheard of in France. 60 Million Consumers, a French consumer group, says such pressurized devices have led to serious injuries, including the loss of an eye in one case and chest fractures in another.

Burger’s fans and followers flooded her social media accounts with messages of disbelief and mourning. Burger often shared photos of her travels, fashion and food. Women’s Best, a fitness company that often partnered with the model, posted a tribute to Burger, calling her a “beautiful soul.”