Woman Arrested For Stabbing Another Woman In A Jealous Rage

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This story is so crazy…

WFBJ Reports

Danaisa Traylor, 19, of Youngstown, is charged with felonious assault after a woman reported being jumped on her way from buying a drink at Conroy’s Party Shop on South Avenue.

A man found her covered in blood while he was driving along Philadelphia.

The man told police the woman had gashes on her arm and blood coming from her head and neck, so he took her to the hospital.

When police talked to the victim, she said she didn’t remember much about what happened, but recalled four women harassing her in the area of Gibson and Boston or Gibson and Philadelphia.

She said they knocked her to the ground, but she doesn’t know much more.

The victim told police she did not know any of the women who assaulted her and didn’t have problems with anyone.